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India Climate

The Climate of India, just like this colourful country, is vibrant and contrasting. At a single moment, the country experiences difference in the climate, all thanks to the various geographical and relief features.

India is so vast that climatic conditions in every region have a peculiar flavour and feeling. One end of the country shivers in extreme cold conditions whereas the other region drenches in the shower of rains. Such is the diversity of climate of India.

Basically consisting of three seasons - summer, monsoons and winters, the weather conditions too play a vital role in visiting India. The seasonal climate cycle is the primary characteristic ruling India Climate.

Based on the climatic conditions, the winter season stretching for the period of October to February remains the best time to explore India.

In addition to this, Monsoon Tourism is also a lucrative way to experience the blessing of Indian Climate. Splashing waters, washed plantations and spice gardens and earthy fragrance of wet soil offer joys of life to everyone. Every native or a tourist is touched by the raindrops in Indian states of Kerala, Goa and Uttarakhand.

If scorching summers are not letting a tourist enjoy the stay in India, then hill-stations of India are the best option to feel the chill in folds of The Great Himalayan Circuit.

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